NoProject titleIDPIDurationFunding source
1Ternary Networking Information Entity Sensing and Knowledge Graph Completion0007/2018/A1Weijia JIA201809 – 202109FDCT
2Characteristics and micro-mechanism of the shearing behavior between silty sand and 3D complex rough interfaces193/2017/A3Wanhuan ZHOU201805 – 202105FDCT
3Cross-channel Image Noise Modeling, Fast Algorithms, and ApplicationsFDCT/077/2018/A2Jiantao ZHOU2019 – 2021FDCT
4 Health Monitoring and Prediction of Electromechanical Equipment Towards Internet of Intelligent ThingsFDCT/194/2017/A3Zhixin YANG201805 – 202105FDCT
5Joint design of traditional sensing and participatory sensing networks for smart tourism applicationsFDCT/037/2017/AMJFen HOU, Shaodan MA201810 – 202110FDCT
6Multi-scale modeling on the shearing behavior of soil-structural interfaceMYRG2017-00198-FSTWanhuan ZHOU201801 – 202012Research Committee of University of Macau
7WInternet國際網絡環境合作研究025/2015/AMJWeijia JIA201703 – 202003FDCT
8Intelligent Monitoring, Reliability Evaluation and Power Generation Anticipation of Wind TurbineFDCT/015/2015/AMJZhixin YANG201703 – 202002MoST-FDCT
9Privacy-preserving deep learning and its applications in collaborative big data analyticsFDCT/022/2017/A1Jiantao ZHOU2017 – 2020FDCT
10Task Assignment Problems in Spatial CrowdsourcingMYRG2016-00182-FSTLeong Hou U201609 – 201909Research Committee of University of Macau
11Big Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion and AnalyticsFDCT/007/2016/AFJZhiguo GONG2016 – 2019FDCT
12审稿人匹配算法设计与分析61502548Leong Hou U201601 – 201812NSFC
13Modeling the Shearing Behavior of Soil-Structural Interface with Micromechanics Approach125/2014/A3Wanhuan ZHOU201506 – 201806FDCT
14Joint design of traditional sensing and participatory sensing networks for smart tourism applications037/2017/AMJFen HOU, Shaodan MA201810 – 202110MoST-FDCT