To support intelligent transportation for smart city, we plan to study a systematic and comprehensive framework to tackle cutting-edge research problems in many aspects, including transportation data collection and data fusion by spatial crowdsourcing techniques, new deep-learning models for transportation problems, and real-time advanced spatial query processing. In our preliminary studies, we have published our work on renowned venues, including SIGMOD, VLDB, CIKM, TKDE, VLDB J. etc.

Spatio-Temporal Crowdsourcing

In this area, we study how to utilize crowdsourcing techniques for traffic sensing and traffic data collection. Our preliminary study has focused on top-k ranking through crowdsourced pairwise comparisons. This directly connects to traffic sensing through mobile users when traffic measurement are general inaccurate and multi-sources. We have proposed a cost-aware auto-tune crowdsourcing algorithm that effectively save human power but can still yield accurate answers. By incorporating our techniques with diversified transportation data sources, we can retrieve and determine traffic conditions at low cost. The related work have been published in SIGMOD, VLDB, etc.

Deep Learning based Transportation Data Processing

Classic transportation models are not designed for handling rich information, which has become an obstacle for advanced spatio-temporal query processing in modern applications. In this study, we attempt to propose a complex traffic model which not only captures spatio-temporal information but also makes use of heterogenous sources. To achieve this goal, we study and design cutting-edge solutions in the area of data indexing, data mining, and machine learning. The related results have been published in IJCAI, SIGIR, TIST, SIGMOD, ICDE, CIKM, GeoInformatica, etc.

Spatio-temporal query processing

We aim at providing efficient and effective processing schemes for advanced spatio-temporal query for a wide range of modern spatial application. Advanced spatio-temporal query comes with intractable complexity which prohibits real-time computation. To tackle this problem, we devise online indexing algorithms that can well utilized the topological information in transportation network to guarantee effective index to support efficient exact and / or approximate query. Related results have been published in VLDB, TKDE, GeoInformatica, etc.

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