2019 Journal List

AuthorPaper Name, Publication, Vol. Page
“Dynamic Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Mobile Edge Computing in Dense Cloud RAN.” IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Early Access
“Zero-forcing based downlink virtual MIMO-NOMA communications in IoT ntworks.” IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Early Access
"Toward Collision-Free and Efficient Coordination for Automated Vehicles at Unsignalized Intersection." IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Vol6(6),pp.10408 -10420
“Capacity Analysis of Opportunistic Channel Bonding over Multi-channel WLANs under Unsaturated Traffic.” IEEE Transactions in Communications, Early Access
“Distributed Time-Sensitive Task Selection in Mobile Crowdsensing.” IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Early Access
“Low-Complexity Downlink Channel Estimation for Millimeter-Wave FDD Massive MIMO Systems.” IEEE Wireless Communications Letters,Vol. 8(4), pp. 1103-1107
“Angle-Domain aided UL/DL Channel Estimation for Wideband mmWave Massive MIMO Systems with Beam Squint.” IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol. 18(7), pp.3515-3527
“Two-Way Massive MIMO Relaying Systems with Non-Ideal Transceivers: Joint Power and Hardware Scaling.” IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 67(12), pp. 8273-8289
“Effective Capacity for Renewal Service Processes with Applications to HARQ Systems.” IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 67(9), pp. 6556-6571
“Secure Wideband Beamforming Design for Two-Way MIMO Relaying Systems.” IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
, Vol.68(4), pp. 3472-3486
“MTES: An intelligent Trust Evaluation Scheme in Sensor-Cloud enabled Industrial Internet of Things.” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Early Access
“Mystique: A Fine-grained and Transparent Congestion Control Enforcement Scheme.” IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, Vol. 16(4): pp.1869-1883
“Bidirectional Prediction Based Underwater Data Collection Protocol for End-Edge-Cloud Orchestrated System.” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Early Access
“Coupling resource management based on fog computing in smart city systems.” Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Vol. 135, pp.11-19
“A Deep Transfer Learning Solution for Food Material Recognition Using Electronic Scales.” IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics, Vol. 16(4), pp.2290-2300
“A Nonparametric Model for Online Topic Discovery with Word Embeddings.” Inf. Sci., Vol. 504, pp.32-47
“Content-Adaptive Noise Estimation for Color Images with Cross-Channel Noise Modeling.” IEEE Trans. on Image Process., Vol. 28(8), pp. 4161-4176
“Secure and Verifiable Outsourcing of Large-scale Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF).” IEEE Trans. on Services Computing, Early Access
“Quality Evaluation of Image Dehazing Methods Using Synthetic Hazy Images.” IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, Vol. 21(9), pp. 2319-2333
“A Framework of Adaptive Multiscale Wavelet Decomposition for Signals on Undirected Graphs.” IEEE Trans. on Signal Proc., Vol. 67(7), pp. 1696-1711
“A Robust and Efficient Two-Stage Algorithm for Power Flow Calculation of Large-Scale Systems.” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol.34, pp.5012-5022
“Synthesised-Objective Collaborative Model and Its Solution Algorithm for Transmission–Distribution Coordinated Optimisation.” IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Vol.14, pp.752 -761
“A Low DC Voltage PhotoVoltaic Generation System with Power Quality Conditioning Capability in Distribution Network.” IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Vol. 13(7), pp.1049-1056
“An Improved Closed-Loop Droop Control Technique for Higher Utilization of Power Output Capability in CCI.” International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Vol.109, pp.455-469
“PQ-Coupling Strategy for Droop Control in Grid-Connected Capacitive-Coupled Inverter.” IEEE Access, Vol. 7, pp.31663-31671
“Joint Fleet Sizing and Charging System Planning for Autonomous Electric Vehicles.” IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Early Access
“Wireless Power-driven Positioning System: Fundamental Analysis and Resource Allocation.” IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Vol. 6, pp. 10421 – 10430
“Random Energy Beamforming for Magnetic MIMO Wireless Power Transfer System.” IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Vol. 7, pp. 1773 – 1787
“The Power of Bounds: Answering Approximate Earth Mover’s Distance with Parametric Bounds.” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering,Early Access
“Self-calibrating Bayesian Real-time System Identification.” Computer-aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Vol34(9), pp.806-821
“Online Dual-rate Decentralized Structural Identification for Wireless Sensor Networks.” Structural Control and Health Monitoring, Vol. 26(11), pp. e2453
“Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling of Structural Health Indicators under Severe Typhoons and its Application to Modeling Modal Frequency.” Journal of Aerospace Engineering (ASCE), Vol. 32(4), pp. 04019036(1-12)
“A Review on Point Set Sensor Registration.” Sensors, Vol. 19(5), pp. 1191-1211
“A Novel Prognostic Approach for RUL Estimation with EVolving Joint Prediction of Continuous and Discrete States.” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 15(9), pp.5089-5098

“Robust and Noise-insensitive Recursive Maximum Correntropy-based EVolving Fuzzy System.” IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Early Access
“A New Testing Method for the Dielectric Response of Oil-immersed Transformer.” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Early Access
“Multilayer One-class Extreme Learning Machine.” Neural Networks, Vol. 115, pp.11-22
“A New Learning Paradigm for Random Vector Functional-Link Network: RVFL+.” Neural Networks, Vol. 122, pp. 94-105
“Design of Reconfigurable Planar Micro-Positioning Stages Based on Function Modules.” IEEE Access, Vol. 7, pp. 15102-15112