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The research group aims to assume a leadership role in the research of internet of things for energy systems, develop cutting-edge theory and key technologies to build clean, low-carbon, safe and high-efficient smart energy systems for cities. With smart power grid as its core research field, the group have been actively extending its research to generalized multi-energy systems (e.g., electric power, natural gas, heat and cold etc), focusing on application areas such as renewable energy integration, distributed energy resource utilization, and urban multi-energy system operation and optimization. The group have achieved remarkable research outputs in relevant key technologies such as energy data sensing and communication, advanced optimization and controlling for large-scale distributed energy resources, and flexible distribution system based on modern power electronics.

Representative Research

Power and transportation nexus: transportation electrification and autonomous driving

The synergy between the smart power grid and the intelligent transportation is one of the major features of future smart city. During the last decade, the electric vehicle (EV) industry has experienced an explosive growth worldwide as a result of strong government promotion and technological advances. Along with the i [...]

Multifunctional grid-connected converter and its control in urban distribution network

The grid-connected converter (GC)  for distributed generators can be involved in power quality conditioning in urban distribution system by modifying its control strategy. To fully utilize power control capability of GC provides a low-cost solution for improving energy efficiency in urban distribution system. First, t [...]

Utilizing distributed energy resources to decarbonize smart power grids

With the rapid development of smart meters and advanced control technologies, DERs such as battery storage systems, plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), and shapeable loads, promise the ability of providing flexibility services to power systems. These services include filling load valleys or arbitraging temporal differen [...]


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