Intelligent Sensing and Network Communication2020-08-20T11:33:56+08:00


The research group aim at constructing the efficient sensing and transmission system for the Internet of Things applications. By thoroughly analyzing the architecture of the existing communication system and doing the innovative and creative research, we focus on the high quality service provision for massive IoT devices and applications, in terms of low latency and high reliability, based on the promising technologies such as edge computing, caching, and unique features of different networks. Combining with the cutting-edge communication technologies, our research includes the performance analysis for the complex networks as well as the optimal algorithm design to improve the spectrum efficiency of wireless networks, reduce the energy consumption, etc. The final goal is to provide the high efficient and intelligent sensing and transmission solutions for the implementation of IoT smart city.

Representative Research

High efficient communications and data collection to achieve ultra-reliable low-latency service requirement

With the development of communication technology, various applications such as smart grid, smart transportation, and automatic driving are emerging, which provide more convenient and efficient services for our life. These applications have a common quality of service requirement: Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communicati [...]


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