mmWave and VLC 5G Building Network: from the EU IoRL Project

Prof. Yue ZHANG

Associate Professor in Department of Engineering

University of Leicester

Date: 19 Aug 2019 (Monday)

Time: 3pm-4pm

Venue: N21-1014


The EU Horizon 2020 5G IoRL project aims to provide a broadband radio-light communications platform and testbed that operates in unlicensed millimeter wave and visible light spectra and provides universal broadband coverage within buildings from radio-light access points that are pervasively located within the light roses in buildings. The challenge that is addressed by the IoRL project is to design a Remote Radio Light Head (RRLH) which can integrate the mmWave transceiver platform with FPGAs, Micro-Controllers, DSPs and RF/IF modules and visible light communication platform. Some results of the project have been published in IEEE Transactions.


Dr. Yue Zhang(SMIEEE,MIET) Associate Professor in Department of Engineering, University of Leicester, obtained his B.E and M.E degree in 2001 and 2004 respectively at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, China. In 2008 he received his PhD degree in Brunel University, UK, where he also worked as a Research Engineer for the EU FP6 project- PLUTO. From 2008, he was a Signal Processing Design Engineer in Microwave Measurement Division-Europe, Anritsu Corp. He was responsible for the RF/IF, digital and DSP design for the measurement instruments for various wireless and broadcasting systems. From 2010, he joined Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK as Reader in Signal Processing. He also worked as a Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, Industrial Fellowship with Aeroflex Ltd. He currently leads EU Horizon 2020 5GPPP project IoRL as the innovator and the most important workpackages leader. He is also one of the commitee members of 5G PPP pre-standardisation and 5G Architecture WG. His research interests are signal processing for 5G wireless and mobile systems, radio propagation model and multimedia and wireless networks. Dr. Zhang currently serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting and IEEE Access.